Do You have Stress ? Do you want to reduce stress?

Do You Have Stress? Do You Want to reduce Stress?

A Busy Monday

Imagine you have to catch the suburban train. The train is scheduled to leave after 5 minutes. You are stuck in heavy traffic. 

You are surrounded by so many cars and trucks. Each one is honking at its best. 

The next train is after 45 minutes. If you reach late you are going to miss the train and reach the office late. Boss will be very angry. 

Consider another situation. You have to complete a project. You have to present it to the committee tomorrow.

You have completed 90% of work. In the evening the day before the presentation, you find your file is missing.

 These are some of the thousands of examples of different forms of stress that we face daily in our busy lives. 

Imagine the situation of a young athlete who has prepared for his sports event for the whole year. Just before the event, he sprains his ankle. 

How can he compete tomorrow?

His time and efforts will go in vain. We face thousands of such situations daily.

 End Result

It leads to anger frustrations and stress. The body responds by releasing chemical substances like adrenaline which can increase the heart rate and blood pressure. Chronic release of adrenaline can 
cause stress and hypertension over a period of time.

 It can also increase blood sugar levels. Depression and anxiety are other by-products.

  We do so many things in the hope of attaining a condition of rest, once you have done them. You think let me buy a big house and then I will be able to rest peacefully. 

You take a big loan from a bank by signing a mortgage deal. You say I will never rest till I get it in my name. Your EMI has started. This will go on for years. 

Maybe someday you will be able to accomplish your goals. By achieving your goals you will get rest and peace. 

In the unending pursuits of goals, we never do one thing and that is to enjoy today. Peace cannot be found outside ourselves. What passes for peace is a temporary pause in the battle of life. The new house that you have bought will be a prelude to new challenges and projects. Someday maybe you will be able to relax.

              We either live in the past thinking about our failures or in future planning new projects. We hardly live in the present tense. We regret about failed relationships and missed opportunities. Thinking about the future produces anxiety. What if I fail in exams or an interview . What will happen if I lose my job tomorrow. How will I repay loans? The end result is the same. Anxiety depression frustration and   High blood pressure.

 A hard-working guy can become the CEO of the company but becomes a heart patient in the process. Young successful handsome and hypertensive.

               Recent studies have shown the benefits of mindfulness. Why postpone joy and happiness. Enjoy the present moment. Mindfulness stills the mind. The mind is full of cross-currents of thoughts. Mindfulness brings in peace today. Stillness Speaks. Creative thoughts can occur only in a peaceful mind. 

                The prevalence of high blood pressure is increasing: enlarging the spectrum of available measures for its prevention and treatment could be useful.

                 Some data from medical literature suggests that mindfulness could play a role not only in the management of stress but also in blood pressure control and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

                 The mechanisms involved may be based on the modulation of the emotional reaction and biological response to stress, via the regulation of the autonomous nervous system.

                 This method is accessible to anyone who is interested and is not related to any religious belief. It’s simple easy and fun and above all very affordable. Medicines used for hypertension can have adverse events but this practice is devoid of any ill effects.

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