Monkey Mind

Monkey Mind                   

 90% of people who practice some form of mindfulness do report the beneficial effects of the practice. We live in a world with information overload.
                     I was watching the news the other day. American President Mr. Donald Trump was speaking on recent gunshot fatalities in the United States. The next news item was on an impending recession in the world due to the US-China trade war.
                      With the advent of 24-hour news channels, we are constantly bombarded by news all round the day. One advantage of 24 hours news channels is that we get the latest news about what is happening around the world. People are constantly traveling around the globe for business and leisure purposes. They need updates on what is happening at any particular destination where they might be traveling.

                     However, the big disadvantage of this avalanche of information is that 90% of the news is not useful for the average person watching. The gloom and doom news hurts our mindset. The more negative and ghastly the news the more will be the viewership. This is one-way dissemination of information. Watching TV while having dinner can lead to overeating. Watching movies and videos makes couch potatoes out of normal humans.
                   With the advent of smartphones and digital media, one more dimension has been added to the flow of news. Unlike the TV here the information flows both ways and people can participate in discussions and express their views. Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter are a few of the leading social media sites that people are using. These sites can be quite addicting. One can never know how quickly one hour can pass while watching any of the videos posted on these sites. The mind jumps from politics to religion to accidents in a matter of minutes. Our brain becomes like a monkey jumping from one branch to another
                       This constant news and view flow distract the mind. College students fail to concentrate on studies. On average, a 14-year-old boy has seen ten thousand simulated murders or violent scenes even before he becomes a teenager. Teenagers and young adults are hooked on fast-paced computer games. What type of effect is going to have on young brains? This leads to an increase in violence in society. Look at gun-related fatalities in the United States. It has reached alarming proportions.
                         Smartphone addiction has spread to housewives, working professionals, alike.
All this leads to the monkey mind. Our minds cannot stay in one place. It's constantly traveling around the globe and from one subject to another. It leads to a lack of concentration and the inability to focus on work that the person is doing right now. Another manifestation is restlessness and insomnia.
                          90 % Of people who practice mindfulness report an increase in concentration and productivity. One critical care nurse told me that while in a busy emergency room she takes just five minutes in the lunch break to practice mindfulness. This helps her to focus on work and do a better job. After mindfulness, she can take better decisions in a highly emotional environment. You can also learn mindfulness because it increases your productivity and concentration. You don’t need to go to the deep forest to practice. In fact, you can practice mindfulness in City Center. It's simple easy and fun.

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