Different forms of Mindfulness

Different forms of mindfulness

                       Many people believe that they have to learn how to do mindfulness. Some people are very restless and can’t sit in one place. They find it difficult to practice mindfulness. Most people do not have an expert to teach them mindfulness.

                      However, everyone has a few hobbies. Few people like to be in nature while others like painting or dancing. These are some of the examples of what people like to do. You may be having a different liking or hobby. Every individual is different. Everyone's likes and dislikes are different. Two brothers or sisters brought up by the same parents can have widely different opinions and hobbies.

                     Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment without being judgmental. When you do what you like and get engrossed in the process you tend to achieve a mindful state.
                    One of my relatives loves gardening. He gets engrossed in the process so much that he forgets the world. He focuses on the present moment and forgets his worries and tensions. He can do that for one to two hours at a stretch. He cuts the extra branches of the plants and waters them. He clears the garbage and fallen leaves. He says it clears his mind and he feels relaxed after the work. That's a type of mindfulness. He may not know that it is a type of mindfulness in which he focuses on the present moment. The output is blooming flowers in his garden. Even more important and fruitful output is a more relaxed and productive person. This is just one example. You may like music, dancing, singing, painting or trekking. When you get engrossed in the work you attain a mindful state with its benefits as a byproduct.


     Billionaire Bill Gates once told the media that he does dishwashing after dinner. Why should a super-rich technology guy do such a mundane nontechnical work? He can easily hire someone to do the work for him. There are emotional benefits to the work. A person can enter into the mindful state while doing such a simple chore. Mindfulness state is a creative and peaceful space. Even the richest man on earth needs that space to be creative and relaxed after a day's work.


                                                           Busy professionals may laugh at such work but recent research has indicated that doing such work can make the person more relaxed and inspired after a busy day.

Conclusion-: If you get a chance to learn how to practice mindfulness then it is good. Even otherwise you may be doing mindfulness already. Learn to develop a hobby or passion for your liking. Try to be present during the simple task that you choose to do as a hobby. Disconnect from the past and be present. Focus on the work and enjoy the process. The benefits of mindfulness are there for everyone to reap.
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