7 Incredibly Simple ways to reduce high blood sugar levels in Diabetes

7  Incredibly simple ways to reduce high blood sugar levels in Diabetes

                                      If you are suffering from diabetes then you would definitely want to control your blood sugar levels.
                                    Normal blood sugar levels are between 80 to 140 mg/dl( or between 4.0 to 5.4 mmol/L). HbA1c should be less than 7 or around 7.A normal person has a value between 4-6.5%. Higher HbA1c levels indicate poor diabetes control.
                                     If diabetes is not controlled properly then it can affect various organs in the body. It can affect the heart, kidneys, eyes, liver, brain and peripheral nerves. The chances of getting a heart attack or brain stroke greatly increase if blood sugar is not controlled properly. Similarly, the incidence of acquired infections also increases exponentially in poorly controlled diabetes.
                                  However, there is very good news as well. Diabetes can be controlled very nicely. 
                                   People with diabetes need to learn more about the disease so that they can live normal and fruitful lives. It is very simple easy and great fun to control high blood sugar levels. It is very important to listen to those who are specialists in the field and not to any Tom, dick, and Harry.

                 Here are 7 incredibly simple ways to reduce 

your high blood sugar level;

Salad containing carrots,tomatoes,garlic etc

  • Reduce the intake of sugary drinks like Coke, Pepsi, etc. Please drink tea and coffee without sugar. You can add sugar substitutes if you want. Ice-creams, pastries, cakes, etc also should be avoided
  • Increase the intake of proteins and dietary fibers in the diet. Pulses, Egg white, Soya-beans are rich sources of proteins. Eat a lot of salads. Carrots, beat roots, tomatoes, cabbages, cucumbers are rich in vitamins and fiber.
  • Decrease the intake of carbohydrates. Rice and potatoes are examples of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are broken into our bodies into glucose after digestion.
  • Avoid frequent snacking. These days because of the increased availability of food people tend to eat frequently. Every street has a lot of food joints and people are tempted to eat frequently. Avoid the temptation to eat frequently. Two meals and a proper breakfast is what is needed. At home also people open the refrigerator and eat frequently. Midnight snacking is also to be avoided.
  • Increase physical activities. Join a dance class or gym. Dance your way to normal blood sugar levels. I have one of my patients who liked dancing during his childhood. Due to work pressure, he stopped dancing. After being detected to be diabetic at the age of 45 he was depressed. After my suggestion, he joined a dance class and lo his blood sugar started dropping without medicines in no time. If you like trekking you can do that. Walking daily for 45 minutes greatly helps in reducing blood sugar levels.
  • Get a good night's sleep. Lack of sleep decreases focus and attention. Stress is the main cause of lack of sleep. Daily 8 hours of sleep are needed.
  • Practice mindfulness and other relaxation techniques. Chronic stress and anxiety release stress hormones like adrenaline which in turn increases blood glucose levels. Devoting 15 to 30 minutes daily goes a long way in decreasing blood sugar levels.        

Green leafy vegetables 

                These are some of the simple tips that can be followed to reduce blood sugar levels. They are very useful and easy to follow. The benefits are enormous

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