How to Prevent Coronavirus COVID 19 Infection and Its Available Treatment

 How to Prevent Coronavirus COVID 19 Infection?

What Is the Treatment available for CoronaVirus Infection?

Coronavirus Tips to stay away from Infection

Coronavirus infection has become a pandemic. The need for the hour is to stop the spread of Infection. 

How did the Coronavirus Infection Start?

                                   This is a new strain SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus Covid 19. It started in Wuhan City China. It started probably in the seafood market. Exact origins not known. It is a zoonotic disease that underwent a mutation. Now it has started human to human transmission from November 2019. Available statistics show more than 82000 people were infected and deaths reported are around 3200 in China.
                                   The total lockdown was done in Wuhan City Hubei Province China. This prevented the spread of the disease to other parts of China like Beijing and Shanghai.
                               From China, it initially spread to South Korea and Singapore. One of the Cruise liner Diamond Princess Cruise reported a large cluster of infection. Over 800 people tested positive and 10 people died. Diamond Princess is located now in Yokohama south of Tokyo Japan.
                               Most of the governments showed initial inertia and did not cancel flights from China immediately. The infection started spreading in Iran and Europe. Europe had direct flights from Wuhan. Northern Italy has a lot of immigrant Chinese population. During Chinese, new year lot of Chinese returned from Wuhan bringing infection along with.
                                  Till Today Total Cases reported are around 5,98,000. Approximately 27,300 deaths have been reported. Italy has the largest number of deaths.Italy(9134)Spain(5138) China(3298)Iran(2378)France(1995)United States(1704)United Kingdom (759) is the record available on 28th March 2020.                                   These figures are approximate and keep changing by the hour.
                                    Prince Charles and Wife Of the Canadian Prime Minister also acquired infection. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also been infected by the virus.
                                    Italy has one of the best Health Infrastructure in the world. Still, it has been unable to withstand the onslaught of the disease. Intensive care units are flooded with patients. Health care professionals are overworked and overwhelmed by the ferocity of infection. Many health care workers including Prominent Physicians and Cardiologists have died.
                                  Now the United States is becoming the epicenter of the disease. New York, Washington, and California are the areas badly hit by the infection. Other states like Louisiana and New Jersey are also reporting more cases. President Donald Trump has declared a national state of emergency. Mr. Mike Pence is the commander of the US coronavirus task force.
                                   Wuhan City is now returning to the normal state. The number of new cases has dropped to a single digit.
                             The current aim of the global response is to flatten the transmission curve so that the intensity of the spread is slowedDue to the high number of patients health care systems have been overwhelmed.

How to Prevent Corona Virus Infection?

                                  Social Isolation is one of the best methods to prevent the spread of disease. China very effectively used this strategy to prevent the spread. However, western Democracies seem to be caught unaware. They have not been able to implement these lockdowns effectively. Now the results are everywhere to be seen. Lockdown of all flights trains and buses is needed.
                                  Individuals can prevent the disease by handwashing with soap for at least 20 seconds. Alcohol-based sanitizers can be used. Alcohol content needs to be at least 60%. People should avoid going out of houses. Handshaking and hugging should be avoided.
                                   Face masks should be used. Special N95 face masks are needed for health care professionals. Health care workers need PPE(Personal Protective Equipments). There seems to be a shortage of PPEs in many countries exposing doctors and nurses to infection. Shortage of Ventilators and ICCU Beds is another grave issue. Infected doctors can spread the disease to other patients.

What are the Symptoms of Corona Virus Infection?

  1. Fever
  2. Cough Dry Mostly
  3. Rhinitis/Running of Nose
  4. Throat Pain
  5. Body Pain & Myalgia
  6. Breathlessness & Difficulty in breathing
  7. Dizziness & Hypoxia
The Symptoms can vary from person to person.

                  80% of people who suffer from Coronavirus infection recover on their own. About 10% to 15% need hospitalization. 5% need ICU care and mortality is high in such cases.
Patients with mild breathlessness can use inhalers and bronchodilators. Many patients do well on Nasal Oxygen. Patients who have severe breathing difficulties need to be admitted to Intensive care units. They may need endotracheal intubation and assisted ventilation.                   Use of Non-Invasive Ventilation can be tried in home-based settings. In Intensive Care Units, it can produce more aerosols and increase the risk of transmissions.
                 Patients with Pre Existing illnesses like Diabetes or Immunodeficiencies are more prone to infections. Nutritional deficiencies and smoking may be other risk factors.

Lungs Get Affected In Corona Virus Infections


What Is Cytokine Storm Syndrome (CSS)

                            Some of the patients suffering from Coronavirus infection can develop Cytokine storm Syndrome. Cytokines are inflammatory immunological proteins that are released in the body after viral infection. Sometimes there is a hyper-response and they can attack internal organs like lungs and kidneys. This can lead to breathing difficulties.
                            Previously it was thought that it is uncommon. It is a hyper response by the body's immune system leading to complications like a respiratory failure.
                            C Reactive proteins and Ferritin Levels are Elevated in such cases.

Treatment Of Coronavirus Infection

                     No known Established therapeutics or confirmed effective pharmaceutical agent is known. However many drugs have been used with various degrees of effectivity. Antimalarials like Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine have been effective in some studies.
                    Protease inhibitors like lopinavir/ritonavir have been tried successfully in some cases. Tamiflu or Oseltamivir is also useful in some cases. Oseltamivir is used to treat influenza and Swine Flu Viral Infections. Supportive treatment is also needed like Oxygenation and Respiratory Physiotherapy.
                        By united efforts, we should be able to overcome this pandemic.

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How to trek to Rajmachi Fort & Kondane Caves Weekend Trekking near Mumbai

How to trek to Rajmachi Fort: Weekend Trekking Near Mumbai


                                                 Rajmachi Killa(Killa means a Fort in local language) or Fort is situated in Sahyadri mountains. Sahyadri mountains are also known as the Western Ghats. The hills are uneven and rugged here. The Twin fortresses of Shriwardhan and Manaranjan stand tall amongst many small hills there.
                                                  The hills are surrounded by a plateau. A small village named Udhewadi is situated on the plateau. Around 100 houses are located there. It has an overnight camping facility. Few stalls are there in the village serving tea and snacks.
                                                  There are two approaches to Fort Rajmachi,(a) from Lonavala and (B)from Kondhane village in Karjat. Lonavala -Rajmachi distance is 16 km and it is almost a plain walk with few ups and downs through a green forest. From Karjat side it is a steep climb.

Our Journey 

                          It was my wish to trek to Rajmachi fort from Karjat side. Somehow that was getting delayed. I had gone up to Buddhist caves once 2 years back. That time it was Monsoon season and the hills were lush green. Due to rains, it becomes difficult to trek because of the very slippery nature of the trek.

                          Many college groups like to trek during the rainy season to see the beautiful surroundings.
                         Many waterfalls can be seen in the area where one can sit and enjoy nature.
                         However, this was  March and the beginning of the hot & dry season in Mumbai. I decided to go on Sunday. I was looking for a partner to travel up the hill. I asked a few friends but they were busy. Luckily I met Dharmesh who is a Cross-Fit Trainer and came to me for some pain. I asked him if he is free on Sunday and willing to accompany me for this trek.  

                           Because of the nature of my work, it is difficult to schedule any outings. Emergencies can come at any time which needs to be attended first. On Saturday I had an emergency so on Sunday I could not leave the city. I thought this trek will not be possible. Dharmesh phoned me asking about the trip. I said sorry I am busy so we cannot go.

                         Next Saturday I found myself free. I phoned Dharmesh whether he can come this Sunday. Luckily he said he is free and we decided to go on Sunday

                          We caught the local train to Karjat and hired a local taxi to reach Kondavane village.

                         We carried 3 liters of water. It was 10 o clock in the morning already. We started our climb. The first stop was the Buddhist caves. These caves were made in the first century BC. These caves were discovered in the 19th century. They are hidden by a thick forest.

                          We decided to continue our trek from the caves. A small hiking trail on the right side goes to Rajmachi. We did not take any guides as we thought the trek is very easy.

                           Soon we lost the way. I took the wrong path and went into the waterfall area which was steep and going down. Luckily we realized our mistake and went back and found the walking trail.

                         The trail is marked intermittently by locals. Usually one can find other trekkers in the area but unfortunately, we found none. It was 12 noon buy now and was quite hot. We decided to sit in the shade of a tree. The climbs were getting steeper and I was getting breathless in between. We turned google maps which came to our rescue. We met a 74-year-old man who was going down. He showed us the way up. He said he can climb the hill in 90 minutes. We felt ashamed of what we just heard.

                          Finally, after a lot of hard work we reached and Google showed the Fort as reached. But Fort was way up located. Our water was about to finish and I started panicking. It was 2 o clock now. We continued our trek. The positive attitude of Dharmesh helped us a lot. After some time we could locate a muddy path with motorcycle marks. A Village must be somewhere around. We continued our journey.

                            I could see a House from a distance. We continued our trek in that direction and lo we reached a village. Unfortunately, someone had died in that village so all the shops were closed. A friendly villager gave us water and a cup of tea. That's what we had for lunch with some biscuits and cookies. He told us that The Shrivardhan Fort is still Some distance away.
At The Top Of Shrivardhan Fort Rajmachi
                             A cemented path leads to the entrance of the way to Shrivardhan Fort. One way goes to Manoranjan Fort. We met few trekkers from Pune who had come from the Lonavala route at the base of the trek to the Fort. The journey to the fort was steep and I was finding it difficult. Encouragement by Dharmesh and other fellow trekkers from Pune gave me some encouragement and we started the final ascent.

                By 3.30-4 pm we could reach the top of the fort. A flag of the Great King Raje Shivaji Maharaj was flattering gloriously in the windy afternoon at the top of the hill                                 I was getting cramps in my legs. I inquired if any vehicle was available so that we can return by the Lonavala route. Unfortunately, no vehicle was available. So the only option was to descend back.

                                 Descends are more dangerous than ascends. One needs to be careful. Another point was that we started descending around 4.30 pm and had very little time before it gets dark. The thought of getting lost in the forest in the night started worrying us. The margin of error was less. We had to get down and reach home due to prior commitments.

                              The route downhill was slippery. I fell down 4-5 times but luckily did not have any injury. It was 7 O Clock now and it was getting dark. Finally, we reached Konadane village. I was having cramps in my legs but was very happy that I could complete this trek in one day. Usually, people complete this trek in 2 days. I thanked Dharmesh for taking time off from his work and accompanying me in this trek. We walked more than 20km that day.                               Finally, we reached Karjat Station at 8.30 pm and had a cup of Hot Tea.                               Visit The Trek Video to Kondane Buddhist Caves & Rajmachi Trek please click on more details about Rajmachi, you can check on the following article Details on Arunachal Pradesh Unexplored Paradise Blog Please click on the following Article


How to Prevent Corona Virus Infection: 8 Essential Steps

                  How to Prevent Corona Virus Infection: Eight Essential Steps 

                          Now it is official. The new Coronavirus, COVID-19, is a pandemic. It is spreading to more and more countries. Northern Italy is in lockdown. More than 10,000 people are infected and 631 people have died. New cases have been detected in Uk, Germany, Austria, Japan, South Korea, and the United States. Globally more than 4200 people have died in this epidemic. As of today 31 deaths and more than 1000 cases have been reported in the US. The epidemic originated from Wuhan City In China in December 2019. However, the good news is that the number of new cases in China is decreasing.

                                China took some very harsh measures for the public good. Whole cities were walled off. Quarantine measures were strictly implemented. The results are now apparent. The number of new cases is decreasing in China.
                                However, other countries have shown some inertia in dealing with this crisis. Many countries have imposed travel bans late. The result is that the epidemic is spreading to the rest of the world. Many governments went into a state of denial initially like China. Early swift preventive actions can greatly help in the prevention of the spread of the disease.

                               Travel ban from China and especially from Wuhan has been implemented a little late. This has allowed the virus to spread across the world.

                               Corona Virus has spread from China to more countries. Coronavirus initially began in Wuhan city in China. Coronavirus is a zoonotic disease. Zoonotic diseases are infections that are transmitted from animals to human beings. These germs can be bacteria, viruses or parasites. Animal handlers can catch these infections due to proximity to them. Human to human transmission of these infections opens up the possibility of further spread of these infections. Sometimes it can take the form of an epidemic.

                                 It's not that the coronavirus is a new virus. Already four strains of coronavirus are present. These can cause illness ranging from the common cold to pneumonia. Many times its a mild respiratory infection that may even go unnoticed by many. (SARS_CoV)Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome spread from animals to humans in 2002-2003. Its reservoir is perhaps bats that spread to other animals like cats. First infected cases occurred in the Guangdong province of China in 2002.

                                An epidemic of SARS affected almost 26 countries. Mortality was high in cases who had (ARDS) Acute respiratory distress syndrome.

                               Symptoms are flu-like and include body pain, fever, headache, breathlessness, and cough. The most frequent symptom reported was fever though it may be absent in initial stages. In severe cases, respiratory distress is present which leads to a fall in blood oxygen levels(SpO2).                                            Approximately 8100 people got infected. The mortality rate was around 9%.

                                The new Coronavirus is hitting more people than other epidemics. Lethality rate is approximately 3.5%. The good news is that the mortality rate of this infection is lower than other similar infections. It also produces symptoms like cough, body aches, fever, and breathlessness.
Many infections are mild and recover quickly.

 How to Prevent Corona Virus Infection: Eight Essential Steps 

  1. Avoid traveling to crowded places like bus stations, airports, public meetings, etc. In short, restrict non-essential travel. Avoid going to malls, public gatherings, cinema theatres as much as possible. Many schools have been closed to prevent the spread of infection.
  1. Wash your hands after using public utilities like toilets etc. While using escalators avoid touching rails or wash your hand after the event. Washing hands frequently helps in prevention. You should avoid touching your mouth, face, and eyes by your hands.
  1. If you have a cough use a facemask. It will prevent the spread from person to person. The infection spreads by droplets.
  1. If traveling through a crowded train or bus one can use a facemask to avoid droplet infections. You can use an alcohol-based sanitizer to clean your hands.
  1. If you are having diabetes then you should control it properly. People with diabetes tend to catch infections early and the course of the disease is more severe. Similarly, people with immunodeficiencies should be extra careful.
  1. If you come in contact with a suspected case of coronavirus then you should wear gloves to touch the person. You can wear a disposable suit in such cases. The COVID Virus 19 is secreted in feces also. Hence washing hands with soap after toilet use is important.
  1. Drinking warm water may help in staying hydrated. Warm saline gargles can help in any upper respiratory infection. Betadine gargles may help if you have symptoms of sore throat. Please make certain that you are not allergic to the agent.
  1. Make sure you are not having nutritional deficiencies like Iron, Zinc Or Vitamin C.Decrease in body immunity can impair our immune system and cause a more severe form of illness. Regular exercises should be done. Exercises should be done in open spaces preferably and not in a crowded gym. Sunshine always helps as it increases Vit D levels in the body. 
                            Staying hydrated is very important. But just drinking water will not cure the disease. If you have any symptoms of the disease then get checked in the nearby medical center. Throat swabs can be taken in suspected cases for examination.X Ray Chest and CT Scan of Chest is useful to determine the extent of Lung Involvement.
                             Prevention is the key to arresting the spread of this infection. Hoping by united efforts we will be able to control this epidemic more effectively.
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What Everybody ought to know about these 3 Important Micro- Nutrients needed in diet


What Everybody ought to know about these 3 Important Micro-Nutrients needed in Diet

                       Do you have signs of generalized weakness, fatigue and body pain?

                       Do you feel listless and lethargic?
                       Do you suffer from muscle pain, tingling numbness in your hands and legs?
                       Are you unable to concentrate and focus on your work?
                       Do you get repeated respiratory tract infections?
                      If the answer to any of the questions is yes then you may be having a deficiency of these vital micronutrients.
                       In this article, we are going to discuss the 3 Most important micro-nutrients that are essential in the diet.                       
                      These dietary deficiencies can occur in normal people. In the initial stages, you can have vague symptoms like generalized weakness and chronic pain in extremities.
                         People go on various diets advised by magazines, TV-Shows, Friends.etc.You should consult your doctor, diabetes specialist or dietitian before embarking on any diet plan. Severe restriction of food intake can produce nutritional deficiencies.
                        Diabetes, Hypertension & Obesity is increasing worldwide. The increase in incidence is attributed to many factors like the aging population, urbanization, change in dietary habits, decrease in physical activities, etc. Nutritional deficiencies in these diseases can be even more detrimental.
                         Here are the 3 very important nutrients which are helpful to everyone in the diet. These deficiencies may be present in the general population without diabetes as well. These nutrients help in reducing complications of Diabetes, Hypertension, and Obesity.

Healthy Heart needs these nutrients

Vitamin D (Do not be afraid of Sunshine)

                                A century ago it was found that exposure to UV radiation resulted in curing of rickets a bone deformity in children. In 1919 it was discovered that Cholecalciferol was the factor that was deficient in rickets.

                                   Vitamin D3 is made from 7-dehydrocholesterol which is present in the skin. When we go in the sunshine this 7-dehydrocholesterol  is converted into Vitamin D3. Animal-based food also provides Vitamin D3. Plant-based food usually provides Vitamin D2.

                                     Vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium from the gut. It helps in the absorption of calcium in the bones. Deficiency of Vitamin D can lead to thinning of bone which in turn may lead to osteoporosis. Chances of bone fractures greatly increase in cases of osteoporosis. Normal Vitamin D3 levels are between 30 - 70 ng/ml. Any levels below 15-20 ng/ml are definitely deficient in Vitamin D and need treatment.

What is the controversy with Vitamin D?

                                 One group of people argues that Vitamin D levels are being unnecessarily tested. It is a waste of money. Normal healthy people need not be screened. Health care professionals want to earn extra bucks by ordering this test.

                                   However, the other side of the coin is that most people are spending more time indoors. We are basically animals. Our ancestors used to roam in jungles like other animals. With development, we have started building houses and staying indoors. We travel by car and cab. Most people work indoors in air-conditioned rooms. With the advent of computers and mobile phones this trend of spending time indoors is increasing.
                                   Recently random blood checks of many orthopedic surgeons were done. It was found that the majority were Vitamin D deficient. Surgeons spend a lot of time indoors in operation theaters and hospitals.
                                    Vitamin D facilitates calcium absorption and bone formation. Apart from this classical action, it has other functions as well.
                                      Vitamin D is also helpful in increasing insulin secretion. It enhances growth hormone and TSH release. It is helpful in the treatment of diabetes. It also modulates immune responses. It also helps in the regulation of cellular proliferation and differentiation. It is helpful in Psoriasis.


                Iron is the third most element found on earth. Surprisingly its nutritional deficiency is very common. It affects approximately two billion people worldwide. It is a major health problem.

                The average total body iron is 3 g to 4 g (50mg/kg) in men. Iron is mainly present in hemoglobin and myoglobin in the body. Hemoglobin is present in RBCs and helps in oxygen transportation in the body.

                Iron deficiency can result In generalized body weakness, increased feeling of tiredness and breathlessness. It is also associated with an impaired immune response which can lead to more number of infections.

                A lot of patients with heart failure and chronic kidney diseases have associated iron deficiency. If this deficiency is corrected then a lot of unnecessary hospital admissions can be prevented.          

                A simple blood test can detect iron deficiency anemia. Serum Iron levels are reduced in this type of anemia.        
                 Sportsman should also check their Serum Iron levels. Even small deficiency can result in big losses in competitive sports like running, boxing, weight lifting, football, etc.

                Zinc is an essential trace element. It is needed in very small amounts in the diet. Zinc deficiency can lead to stunted growth in children. It can also cause delayed wound healing and repeated respiratory infections.

                Foods rich in Iron are Spinach, legumes, and broccoli. Spinach also contains Vitamin C which facilitates iron Absorption. Legumes are beans, soybeans, lentils, and peas. Animal organs like liver and shellfish are also rich in Iron. Tofu is soy-based and is rich in many nutrients including iron.
Vitamin B12                           The deficiency of Vitamin B12 can produce anemia. Anemia means a decrease in hemoglobin levels. This type of anemia is known as megaloblastic anemia. Anemia can produce breathlessness on walking and climbing stairs.

                         Vitamin B12 is also needed for peripheral nerves. Its deficiency can cause a tingling sensation in hand and legs. People suffering from diabetes can have associated B12 deficiency which can cause pain and numbness in extremities. A simple blood check can determine your Vitamin B12 levels.

                           Foods rich in Vitamin B12 are Animal liver and kidneys. Sardines, Tuna, and shellfish are also rich in vitamins. Fortified cereals, cheese, and yogurt also contain a good amount of vitamin B 12.
 A Word of Caution
                             You should also remember that the over-dosage of these elements should not be taken. Over-dosage can have side-effects. Therefore blood tests should be done to check the levels. If there is deficiency then only these supplements should be taken.
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