7 Easy and Simple Ways to Lower High Blood Pressure.

  7 Easy and Simple Ways to Lower High Blood Pressure.

                         High blood pressure can be very troublesome. It can produce headaches, dizziness, and giddiness. It can also produce blackouts and blurred vision. If you have any of these symptoms, then you should immediately check your blood pressure.

                           In many cases, high blood pressure has no symptoms. In such cases, High Blood Pressure is detected on a routine medical checkup. High blood pressure is called hypertension. Normal blood pressure is 120/80. Blood pressure can vary with age. Blood pressure is dynamic. In a person, it keeps on fluctuating throughout the day. During the day Blood Pressure can increase or decrease. It depends on your physical activity and state of mind. Hypertension is called a silent killer because in the majority of cases it produces no symptoms.

                         For an active young female blood pressure of 90/70 can be normal. She can continue her routine work normally. However, a blood pressure of 90/70 can be dangerous for a hypertensive elderly person. He can fall due to giddiness. If your blood pressure is above 140/90 then you need treatment. You can check your blood pressure frequently. If it is persistently high above 140/90 then you should consult your Physician. 

                        Hypertension is divided into 4 different grades.

  • Mild: Blood Pressure above 140/90 but below 160/100

  • Moderate: Blood Pressure above 160/100 but below 180/110.

  • Severe: Blood Pressure above 180/110

  • Malignant or Resistant Hypertension: Blood pressure not responding to treatment and above 200/110.                      

                     Mild to moderate hypertension can be treated at home. If you fall in the severe or malignant category then you should immediately take bed rest or get hospitalized to control blood pressure. This can prevent any further complications like intracerebral bleeding.

                     Stress causes high blood pressure. Constant Work pressure can lead to hypertension. Stress can lead to a lack of sleep and persistent anxiety. Sleep Apnoea is associated with high blood pressure. In sleep apnoea breathing halts briefly but repeatedly during sleep. Most people with sleep apnoea are overweight. They snore a lot during sleep.

                           Elevated blood pressure can cause cardiovascular and cerebral complications. It can lead to the rupture of blood vessels of the brain leading to intracranial hemorrhage. Persistent blood pressure over a while can lead to heart problems like heart attack and heart failure. Therefore, it is very important to control your high blood pressure.

                         If you have a high blood pressure than you can use these easy and simple ways to reduce high blood pressure.

1:     Reduce Salt Intake.

              High salt intake is associated with hypertension. Put less salt in your food preparations. Cut down on salted wafers and french fries. You can switch to Low Sodium Salts from regular salts.Blood Pressure Measurement .

     2:              Increase intake of Potassium. Potassium-rich food can help in reducing blood pressure. However, check your Kidney function before doing this. Check with your physician whether you can take a high Potassium diet. 

                     High potassium is found naturally in many fruits and seaweeds. Tomatoes and apples are rich in potassium. Have you heard the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”?

     3:               Check your weight. If you are obese or (overweight) then your chance of developing high blood pressure increase substantially.

                       Abdominal obesity is the most dangerous. Abdominal Obesity as measured by waist circumference is more correlated with hypertension. Waist circumference should not exceed 90cms. Try increasing physical activities. 

                       Abdominal workouts to decrease abdominal girth can be very beneficial. Be gentle while doing exercises. It’s advisable to do workouts under the supervision of a trained physiotherapist. Decrease the intake of high-calorie foods.

4:              Check Your Cholesterol Levels.

                      If your cholesterol levels are high then you are more likely to develop hypertension. Even thin people can have high blood pressure. Contrary to popular belief, thin people can also have elevated cholesterol and lipid levels. Therefore, everyone should get his blood cholesterol and lipid levels checked. WHO has recommended that everyone above the age of 18 should get his Lipid Profile checked once a year.

5:                  Stop heavy exercises. If you are having high blood pressure and you suddenly do heavy exercises like lifting weights in a gym then it can produce complications. Stop doing heavy exercises until your blood pressure returns to normal. If your blood pressure is high then you should take rest immediately.

6:                   Start graded Aerobic Exercises. Graded aerobic exercises help reduce high blood pressure. Check with your physician before starting any exercise program. Start slowly and increase in a stepwise manner. Swimming and walking are two simple exercises that you can start.

7:                 Reduce Intake of Caffeine, Nicotine, and Alcohol.     

                      Excessive intake of caffeine can cause an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. Apart from coffee, Caffeine is present in many colas, diet coke, and sports drinks. Tobacco smoking has been reported to increase blood pressure. Excessive consumption of alcohol can also lead to elevated blood pressure. Try to get a good 8 hours of sleep. You can also try relaxation techniques.Mindfulness is particularly helpful in decreasing stress and elevated blood pressure.These simple mindfulness and relaxation techniques described in the linked article can be of immense help immediately in lowering high blood pressure.


                            If you have High blood pressure then try to find out the cause of high blood pressure. Sometimes an adrenal tumor may be present or polycystic kidneys may be found. Renal parenchymal diseases are associated with hypertension. Catecholamine secreting tumors like Pheochromocytomas may be present. It produces palpitations and sweating. You can do an Ultrasound abdomen to detect any liver, adrenal, or kidney malfunction. Thyroid disorders can also produce an increase in blood pressure.

                           Always consult your doctor. Your doctor will help you in finding the cause of high blood pressure. If you can find the cause then it is possible to treat hypertension completely. If no cause could be found then it is labeled as essential hypertension and treated accordingly. There are many drugs available to control high blood pressure. Each individual is different. These drugs need to be tailored according to individual needs.

Author Dr Nishikant Sharma MD FACP

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