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Has China Won World War 3 Without Firing a Single Bullet?

Has China Won World War 3 Without Firing a Single Bullet?

            China is one of the major powers in the world. It has one of the biggest economies in the world. The United States is the largest economies in the world at present. China has in the last decade overtaken Japan to become the second-largest economy in the world. Other countries that have large economies are Japan, Germany, France, India, United Kingdom, Canada, and Italy.

Chinese Century
                       19th Century has belonged to the British."Pax Britannica"(British Peace) is the term popularly used for the British Empire between 1825 to 1915. The British Empire was so big that the Sun Never set in the Empire. It had colonies from West Indies to India and Hongkong in the East. British navy controlled most of the sea trade routes.

                       20th Century is popularly known as The American Century. After World war 2 United States rose into prominence and emerged as a major economic power. After a great recession in 1930, it did splendid economic recovery and emerged as a strong economy. The United States took the leadership role in the world. It has many world-class companies that have sales in different parts of the world. The computer revolution has heralded information age. Silicon Valley is the birthplace of many multinational companies like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.

                    Chinese Century is a term suggesting that the 21st Century will belong to China. The 21st Century will be geopolitically dominated by China.

                     China has the size and population to fulfill its ambition. China has the largest population in the world. China had state policies that are different from the rest of the world. China is governed by a single party. It has a communist-style of governance, unlike western democracies. The government is secretive. The labor laws are different from the rest of the world. China produces cheap machines, steel, garments, textile, electronic instruments, computers, etc. These things are produced on a mass scale. Cheap labor keeps the cost low. China can sell these items to different countries in the world because of lower rates.

                           American President has many times labeled China as a currency manipulator. The economy of China is going to overtake the Economy of the United States in the next two decades. The Chinese economy is set to become the largest economy in the world.

Islands in the South China Sea.
                       China has geopolitical ambitions. It has one of the largest armies in the world. It is a nuclear power as well. It claims many islands in the South China Sea as its own. Though neighboring countries like Taiwan, Vietnam, and the Philippines do not accept the claims. However China because of its size seems to ignore these countries.

                    China has created the Shanghai Cooperation Organization as an alternative to Nato. China has revived the Silk Road of the past. It has created a belt and road initiative. It has connected China to Germany by train so that Chinese goods can travel to Europe easily. The Belt and Road initiative passes through many countries. This improves trade between the countries.


                         The COVID 19 pandemic started from Wuhan City in Hubei Province of China. It perhaps started from the seafood market in Wuhan. Incidentally, Wuhan has a Virology research center where a lot of research is done about coronavirus and other viruses. Viruses can be used as biological warfare agents. Many people suspect that the virus accidentally leaked from the lab. There is no proof of that. However many conspiracy theories are floating around.

                            After an initial lag of response China did the lockdown of Wuhan City. The movement of people out of the city was stopped. Its lockdown was strictly implemented.

                            China was ready with a big hospital in 10 days in Wuhan. It was very effective in controlling the disease. The disease could not spread to other parts of China like Shanghai and Beijing. The discipline paid off handsomely.

                            However, the disease did spread to other countries. Whether unknowingly or knowingly this sophisticated Chinese government allowed its overseas spread. The local spread was contained but the international spread was not. Many Chinese were returning to Europe and the US from Wuhan and other Chinese cities by air travel. This caused the spread of the disease to other countries where it has spread like wildfire.

Sluggish Response Of Other Countries. 

                               The initial response of many Western Countries was very sluggish. Many leaders thought It is just another flu. Western Countries like Italy, France, UK, USA have very good health infrastructure. However, the pandemic was far too severe. It has overwhelmed the health systems of the countries. International air travel could have been banned early. This decisive step could have stopped the pandemic in the early stages.

                                 Many people in The West especially the United States are not used to wearing a mask. They perceive it as a threat to their freedom. SAR's Epidemic in Asia in 2002-20004 made the population aware of the threat of respiratory infections. Many people in HongKong, China, Singapore, Japan routinely wear masks. This has contributed to controlling the infection this time quickly.

 Advantage China

                                 Meantime China has controlled the infection efficiently. The Western democracies are suffering from the Pandemic. The worst-hit are the United States, the UK, Italy, Spain, France, and Iran. The number of cases in India and Brazil is also increasing. Many countries want to reopen the economy. This reopening can cause a further flare-up of the infection.

                                Unlike China, the lockdown was not strictly implemented. This has lead to a huge loss of human lives. Presently United states have the highest mortality followed by the UK and Italy. The pandemic is far from over. Even Dr. Anthony Fauci the Physician who is at the forefront of the American response has said that we cannot decide on the timeline, The virus will decide the timeline.

                               Joblessness has increased. Many industries are on the verge of collapse. Small businesses have been hit badly. This has caused huge economic loss to the countries. The economies of Europe and North America can enter into a recession. The price of oil has collapsed because of weak demand. This will again benefit the major consumers of oil like China.

                               China has recovered from the pandemic efficiently. It has reopened businesses. International travel has started. It has resumed its exports. Its markets are opened. The indigenous industries of the rest of the world are decimated. They are looking to China to supply them with masks, PPE's For healthcare workers and pharmaceutical ingredients. China's economy will start booming again in no time.

                             The Chinese economy is on the path of recovery. On the other hand, the economies of most of the countries are on shaky grounds. China has managed the epidemic efficiently. Meantime the overconfident western democracies are struggling to contain the pandemic and its economic consequences.
China has won the war without firing a single bullet!.

Dr. Nishikant Sharma MD FACP
Dr. Nishikant Sharma MD FACP is a Health care Professional.
He is an advocate of quality healthcare at affordable prices for all. 
He is a Medical Writer and Content Creator.
Done course in Content Writing from the University Of California Davis. (Coursera)
References From: with thanks
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How to Prevent Coronavirus COVID 19 Infection and Its Available Treatment

 How to Prevent Coronavirus COVID 19 Infection?

What Is the Treatment available for CoronaVirus Infection?

Coronavirus Tips to stay away from Infection

Coronavirus infection has become a pandemic. The need for the hour is to stop the spread of Infection. 

How did the Coronavirus Infection Start?

                                   This is a new strain SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus Covid 19. It started in Wuhan City China. It started probably in the seafood market. Exact origins not known. It is a zoonotic disease that underwent a mutation. Now it has started human to human transmission from November 2019. Available statistics show more than 82000 people were infected and deaths reported are around 3200 in China.
                                   The total lockdown was done in Wuhan City Hubei Province China. This prevented the spread of the disease to other parts of China like Beijing and Shanghai.
                               From China, it initially spread to South Korea and Singapore. One of the Cruise liner Diamond Princess Cruise reported a large cluster of infection. Over 800 people tested positive and 10 people died. Diamond Princess is located now in Yokohama south of Tokyo Japan.
                               Most of the governments showed initial inertia and did not cancel flights from China immediately. The infection started spreading in Iran and Europe. Europe had direct flights from Wuhan. Northern Italy has a lot of immigrant Chinese population. During Chinese, new year lot of Chinese returned from Wuhan bringing infection along with.
                                  Till Today Total Cases reported are around 5,98,000. Approximately 27,300 deaths have been reported. Italy has the largest number of deaths.Italy(9134)Spain(5138) China(3298)Iran(2378)France(1995)United States(1704)United Kingdom (759) is the record available on 28th March 2020.                                   These figures are approximate and keep changing by the hour.
                                    Prince Charles and Wife Of the Canadian Prime Minister also acquired infection. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also been infected by the virus.
                                    Italy has one of the best Health Infrastructure in the world. Still, it has been unable to withstand the onslaught of the disease. Intensive care units are flooded with patients. Health care professionals are overworked and overwhelmed by the ferocity of infection. Many health care workers including Prominent Physicians and Cardiologists have died.
                                  Now the United States is becoming the epicenter of the disease. New York, Washington, and California are the areas badly hit by the infection. Other states like Louisiana and New Jersey are also reporting more cases. President Donald Trump has declared a national state of emergency. Mr. Mike Pence is the commander of the US coronavirus task force.
                                   Wuhan City is now returning to the normal state. The number of new cases has dropped to a single digit.
                             The current aim of the global response is to flatten the transmission curve so that the intensity of the spread is slowedDue to the high number of patients health care systems have been overwhelmed.

How to Prevent Corona Virus Infection?

                                  Social Isolation is one of the best methods to prevent the spread of disease. China very effectively used this strategy to prevent the spread. However, western Democracies seem to be caught unaware. They have not been able to implement these lockdowns effectively. Now the results are everywhere to be seen. Lockdown of all flights trains and buses is needed.
                                  Individuals can prevent the disease by handwashing with soap for at least 20 seconds. Alcohol-based sanitizers can be used. Alcohol content needs to be at least 60%. People should avoid going out of houses. Handshaking and hugging should be avoided.
                                   Face masks should be used. Special N95 face masks are needed for health care professionals. Health care workers need PPE(Personal Protective Equipments). There seems to be a shortage of PPEs in many countries exposing doctors and nurses to infection. Shortage of Ventilators and ICCU Beds is another grave issue. Infected doctors can spread the disease to other patients.

What are the Symptoms of Corona Virus Infection?

  1. Fever
  2. Cough Dry Mostly
  3. Rhinitis/Running of Nose
  4. Throat Pain
  5. Body Pain & Myalgia
  6. Breathlessness & Difficulty in breathing
  7. Dizziness & Hypoxia
The Symptoms can vary from person to person.

                  80% of people who suffer from Coronavirus infection recover on their own. About 10% to 15% need hospitalization. 5% need ICU care and mortality is high in such cases.
Patients with mild breathlessness can use inhalers and bronchodilators. Many patients do well on Nasal Oxygen. Patients who have severe breathing difficulties need to be admitted to Intensive care units. They may need endotracheal intubation and assisted ventilation.                   Use of Non-Invasive Ventilation can be tried in home-based settings. In Intensive Care Units, it can produce more aerosols and increase the risk of transmissions.
                 Patients with Pre Existing illnesses like Diabetes or Immunodeficiencies are more prone to infections. Nutritional deficiencies and smoking may be other risk factors.

Lungs Get Affected In Corona Virus Infections


What Is Cytokine Storm Syndrome (CSS)

                            Some of the patients suffering from Coronavirus infection can develop Cytokine storm Syndrome. Cytokines are inflammatory immunological proteins that are released in the body after viral infection. Sometimes there is a hyper-response and they can attack internal organs like lungs and kidneys. This can lead to breathing difficulties.
                            Previously it was thought that it is uncommon. It is a hyper response by the body's immune system leading to complications like a respiratory failure.
                            C Reactive proteins and Ferritin Levels are Elevated in such cases.

Treatment Of Coronavirus Infection

                     No known Established therapeutics or confirmed effective pharmaceutical agent is known. However many drugs have been used with various degrees of effectivity. Antimalarials like Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine have been effective in some studies.
                    Protease inhibitors like lopinavir/ritonavir have been tried successfully in some cases. Tamiflu or Oseltamivir is also useful in some cases. Oseltamivir is used to treat influenza and Swine Flu Viral Infections. Supportive treatment is also needed like Oxygenation and Respiratory Physiotherapy.
                        By united efforts, we should be able to overcome this pandemic.

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