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How to Boost Your Happiness and Inner Strength through Contentment

                         How to Boost Your Happiness and Inner Strength Through Contentment?

                           What is Contentment? 

It is difficult to define the term.

                                                         Contentment is a happy state of mind. It is definitely not something euphoric. It is a peaceful state of mind. It is a state of peaceful satisfaction. Different people can give different definitions. This state is described in many religious texts including the Bible and Vedas.
                                                        We are in constant pursuit of happiness. Happiness seems to elude us. We think that when I will buy that BMW car I will be happy. I will be happy when I will have a bungalow or a big house or a yacht. I will not rest until I reach that goal. So in this constant search for elusive happiness, we are running. In the meantime, we are stressed out every day. This leads to what is popularly known as burnout.

                               Here a story that can explain what is Contentment.

                                                    A long long time ago there was a hard-working Stonecutter. He used to cut stones at the base of a big mountain. He used to live in a nearby village. He was a great believer in God. He had all good qualities like honesty and truthfulness. God always loves his devout children. One day when he was working he saw a King going from the nearby village. The king was wearing a beautiful thick golden robe and shining ornaments. He prayed to God. Oh God, I am your devout servant. I have to work so hard. Please make me the King for a few days. God loves his faithful children. God said ok I will make you a King.
                                                  He was very happy. It was summer and he was walking on the road. On a sunny afternoon, he started sweating. He looked up and said oh This Sun seems to be more powerful than a King. Why not become a Sun. He prayed to God. God oh great God Please turn me into Sun. God said ok. Your wish is granted. He became the Sun.
                                                 He was very happy for a few days. One day clouds came and no one could see the Sun. Oh, these clouds seem to be more powerful than I am. They can stop my rays from reaching the earth. I should become Clouds then. He prayed to God. God said ok I will grant you one more wish. He turned him into clouds
                                                 He was then floating in the air happily over the sea and land. Suddenly he was struck on the head. He could not move ahead. He opened his eyes and then saw a big mountain in front of him. He said this mountain seems to be stronger than I am. I should become a mountain then. He prayed to God. Oh, mighty God, you can do anything. Turn me into a big mountain. God said ok. God turned him into a big mountain.
A Mountain
                                                 When he became a mountain he was very happy. He thought now I am big and strong. In the afternoon he felt pain around his legs. Someone was cutting stones from the base of the mountain. He looked down and saw a Stonecutter cutting stones. Oh, he said this Stonecutter is stronger than a mountain. He can cut through a mountain! I should become a Stonecutter again.
                                               He fell on the feet of God and said Oh God please grant me one last wish. God said ok you were not happy when you were Stonecutter and now you want to become a stonecutter again? He said Yes. I was a fool running around. I have realized my mistake. I am happy in the way I was. Please make me a stonecutter. God said I grant you your last wish. He became a stonecutter again. He was finally very happy and contented.

                                                 This story tells us about contentment. We always like what others have. But we don't realize their problems. We spend our lives in a state of discontentment and unhappiness.
                                                  It is no wrong to dream big. It's also not wrong to work hard. But its important to remain healthy and happy also. It is equally important that one should not develop gastric ulcers, high blood pressure, addictions while chasing the dreams. If you are happy today then you can certainly be happy tomorrow. You should be able to enjoy your work. When you enjoy your work you tend to get better results. Your productivity goes up. Your energy level goes up. Don't let your work become an endless rat race. This will increase your blood pressure and stress levels. This leads to burnouts and sleepless nights.

                                                This leads us to the second quality of contentment. Its called Gratitude. When we are contented we feel grateful to all the people who work hard for us like Soldiers fighting for us on the borders or nurses caring for patients in the hospital. We should be thankful to all the people who work tirelessly for the community. Only a contented person can do that. A discontented person can only find faults in others. He will be unhappy eternally.

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