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Sleepless Nights?: 7 Tips for Your Sound Sleep

Sleepless nights: 7 tips for your sound sleep

                           Sleep is essential for good performance, mood, concentration, proper safety, and health. It is an important part of the triad of a healthy life (the other two are diet and exercise). Good sleep patterns can dramatically improve your work performance, creativity, and mood. Sleep deprivation can make you more irritable, anxious, or depressed.

                        Lack of proper sleep is a common complaint. Inadequate sleep is one of the major modern-day problems. There can be an inability to fall asleep. Another problem is the inability to get back to sleep once you get up in the night for a bathroom visit. Fragmented sleep is another problem especially in the elderly.           

                        The inability to sleep properly is one of the causes of daytime sleepiness or somnolence. It decreases concentration power. It is also a major cause of accidents. If you do not get proper sleep then the possibility of workplace & driving accidents increases substantially.

                            What are the causes of Insomnia?

                                Many people have to work in night shifts. In many industries, people work during the night. Their sleep pattern is disturbed.  Others watch movies on mobile phones or in movie theatres in late-night shows. Constantly glaring at your smartphones stimulates your brain. This in turn makes it difficult for you to fall asleep. The basic cause of insomnia is the discovery of light bulbs. Its bright light stimulates the brain and makes it difficult for you to fall asleep.

                                Anxiety, stress, and depression are other major causes of chronic sleep deprivation.

Baby Sleeping comfortably

How to get proper sleep? 7 Simple & Easy Tips For You.

1 Keeping your room dark is a good start.

                             Bright lights too close to bedtime can make it difficult to fall asleep. Darkness signals the biological clock that it is the time to unwind. Don’t use mobile phones before you go to sleep. The bright light will stimulate your brain.  Don’t use your Smartphone after 8 pm. If you have developed the bad habit of checking your Emails every few minutes then stop.
Keep a fixed time once or twice a day preferably in afternoons for this work. Similarly, you should not keep checking messages on Facebook and other social media frequently especially late at night. You can avoid that. Many students play fast-paced computer games at night. That you can avoid.

2 Reduce Alcohol Intake. 

You may think that consuming alcohol makes you sleep better. It is a misconception. It reduces the quality of sleep. It decreases deep sleep. It reduces REM sleep. It produces increased daytime sleepiness.

3 Start Physical Exercise.

If you do a good amount of physical exercise then you can sleep better. You get tired and your body needs sleep to rejuvenate. After getting up in the morning try to go for a 30 minutes walk. You can do aerobic workouts or join a gym.

4 Try Mindfulness.

Mindfulness helps you to sleep better. It even improves sleep quality by producing more alpha waves in the brain. Mindfulness produces alpha waves in the brain. Alpha waves are slower in frequency. They make your mind and body relaxed.  It’s easier for you to get good sleep after 10 minutes of mindfulness.

5 Avoid drinking Coffee

You can avoid coffee and other caffeine drinks at night. Coffee stimulates the brain and makes it difficult for you to fall asleep. Some foods that contain tryptophan can promote good sleep. These foods release serotonin and help you to relax and get a good sleep. A bowl of oats with warm milk can do the trick. Almonds and walnuts are also rich in melatonin which regulates the sleep cycle.

6 Don’t do heavy exercise at night

You should avoid doing heavy exercise at night before going to sleep. Some people have a habit of going to the gym at night. Even a brisk walk at night can disturb you from falling asleep. A gentle walk after dinner can be helpful. Similarly, avoid sleeping in the afternoon for more than 30 minutes if you have difficulty falling asleep at night. The temperature of the room also can affect your sleep quality. You may find it difficult to sleep properly if the temperature is too high or cold.

7 Your State of Mind

Anxiety and Stress; Anxiety and stress can be the cause of chronic sleep deprivation. Depression can be an underlying cause. Don't take worries about your office home. If you have some problems talk to your friends and relatives. If this is not working try to seek professional help. You can consult your doctor or a psychiatrist. Psychotherapy does help in reducing stress.

Dr Nishikant Sharma MD FACP
Author: Dr. Nishikant Sharma MD FACP(USA)

Medical Writer & Content Creator

Specialist Internal Medicine./ Diabetes

He is an advocate of preventive and affordable medical care.

He has done a Content writing course from The University of California Davis (USA).

Forest Bathing: 3 Awesome Benefits

Forest Bathing : 3 Awesome Benefits

 Forest Bathing (Shinrin Yoku)

                                         There is no particular definition of Forest bathing. This is also known as Shinrin Yoku in the Japanese Language. Dr. Quing Li wrote a popular book on Forest Bathing. It has become popular in the 1980s onwards. Japanese practice this frequently. We all know the life expectancy of the average Japanese is high. Japanese people live healthy and long lives. You can find active old people in Japan unlike in other countries. People in Japan live and work up to 90-100 years and beyond. There is an island in Japan known as Okinawa where the largest number of people above 100 is found.
                                        Forest bathing means being in the presence of trees. Shinrin means Forest and Yoku means bath. It does not mean hiking or jogging. Though you can definitely trek through the forest with added benefits. It is simply being in nature. You can connect with nature through your senses. The sense of hearing can help us to listen to the sounds in the forest. The sounds of birds singing and occasional shrieks of monkeys or deers can have a soothing effect on your mind. The sense of smell can enable you to smell the flowers in the forest. The smell of soil connects you with mother nature. The sense of sight of course enables you to see the lush greenery which can have a soothing effect on your mind and soul. The sun shining between the trees also has a loving effect. It calms your mind and nerves.
                                        Increasing urbanization is causing people all over the world to move towards cities away from villages. About 60-70% of the population is now living in urban or semi-urban areas. Even in cities, people are spending 80-90% of their time indoors either in the office or at home. This has caused a disconnect between nature and us.
                                     Sprawling concrete jungles have come up with big shopping centers and malls. New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Mumbai, Mexico City New Delhi are some of the many examples. Many cities do have decent parks in the city like The Central Park in Manhattan New York or Botanical garden in Singapore but many others have no such open spaces. In developing nations the urbanization is chaotic at best. Parks are overcrowded most of the time and may not be the best place for forest bathing. People with dogs and shouting children can be distracting

   What are the 3 Major benefits of Forest bathing?
    Green Forest
    Lush Green Forest

  • It is an Oxygen rich environment. Plants absorb CO2 and release Oxygen. Human beings need oxygen. We inhale oxygen and exhale CO2. People with Bronchial Asthma and other respiratory ailments can breathe easy. Forests are away from the city and are less polluted. Less pollution and high levels of oxygen are beneficial for people with allergic respiratory diseases. tress live long lives. Some trees can live for 200- 300 years. Trees secrete Phytoncides to protect themselves from infections. They are the basis of Aromatherapy. Phytoncides protect trees from viral and other infections. Please don't forget trees are living organisms. You can hug the trees and sit under their shade for a while. It helps in improving your immunity.

  • Walking Through a Forest
    Tropical Forest 

  • Mind-body Medicine. Forest Bathing helps you to calm your mind. As you enter the forest your heart rate starts to drop and blood pressure starts decreasing. The mind becomes relaxed. This has a positive effect on your body as well. Our mind and body are both connected. Trekking through the forest can be of an added benefit for diabetes as it consumes calories. It will decrease the blood sugar levels also. It has been found that patients who have rooms facing gardens recover faster from their diseases. Walking through the jungle is a good exercise. It burns calories and keeps you fit and healthy. It is gentle on your knees also.

  • Increased Creativity. To get the most of the Forest Bathing you should leave your smartphone and camera at home. You can walk through the place aimlessly. Unlocking power is in your five senses. Feel the breeze rustling through the trees and listen to the birds as they sing a song for you. You can sit near some water stream with your feet in the flowing water. Or You can walk bare feet on the grass. All this helps in unlocking your creativity. In the cities, you can not focus as you are multitasking almost always. This is a type of mindfulness exercise that unlocks your creativity. Creativity leads to increased productivity.

Author: Dr. Nishikant Sharma MD FACP (USA)
              He is a Health Care Professional.
              He is a specialist in Internal Medicine.
              He believes in Preventive Aspects of Diseases.
              He is a Medical Writer and Content Creator.
              He has done a Content Writing Course From the University Of California Davis.

 AuthorPic of Dr Nishikant Sharma MD,

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You can Learn about Mindfulness 
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Mindfulness for Beginners: 3 Simple & Useful Exercises

Mind-body Medicine

                                   Our state of mind has a very powerful influence on our bodies. Our emotions and thoughts have a direct and indirect effect on our bodies. If you are stressed out your heart starts to beat faster. Suppose you suddenly get terrified your heart starts to race at a higher pace. Your body gets tensed up. Doctors call it as palpitation. It's like a tiger has just crossed your path or you have sighted a snake nearby.
                                   This response is ok if you have really spotted a tiger. We no longer live in jungles but our responses are still the same. Our fight or flight response is triggered every now and then. Simply watching breaking news can trigger such a response. It's your response to the situation not the important situation.
Tranquil Sea 
                                 We create stressors.  We create all sorts of anxieties about our future. What if I get sick tomorrow? What if I fail in exams? What if I lose my job? Such thoughts create unwanted flight and fight response. But in the modern world, you cannot run away from the tiger nor you can fight. So you start to wear and tear your body systems. It is like having and car and then driving it badly. It causes wear and tears effects on your body. This is known as the Allostatic load.
                                     Constant worries and stress lead to an increase in blood pressure. It ultimately leads to the hardening of blood vessels and atherosclerosis. An increase in the incidence of heart attacks occurs. The immune system becomes weakened.
                                     Mindfulness practice has been associated with a decrease in stress and anxieties.


3 Simple and Useful Mindfulness Exercises.

                               Here are 3 simple exercises that you can practice even in your busy schedule. The exercises can be done in 5-15 minutes.
  1. Body Scanning
  1. Breathing Exercises
  1. Mindful Movements.
 Body Scan 
                            A body scan is a simple exercise. It needs 5- 15 minutes to complete. It can be done at any time of the day. It can be done during a lunch break or before an important meeting.
                             You need to sit upright. You can sit in a cross-legged lotus position or on a chair. The chair should be armless. Many people find it difficult to sit on the floor in a cross-legged position. Sitting on a chair is perfectly ok. Your spine should be straight.
                           In body scanning you can focus on one part of the body at a time. You can start from feet and then ascend upwards. Feet then legs then thighs and then buttocks. You concentrate on one part of the body at a time. You can squeeze the muscle involved for a few seconds then relax. As you ascend upwards you need to concentrate on different upper body parts. You focus on the upper body, face, and eyes.
                           Our mind at a time can hold only one thought. By concentrating on body parts we divert our brain to our body and present moment.
Breathing Exercises
                              In breathing exercises you need to focus on your breath. You can count up to 7 as you inhale. Then you can hold your breath and count up to 7. Then exhale counting 7. As you continue the process you can after some time stop counting and just focus on the breath. This has a definite calming effect on the brain.
                               It increases your focus. After a few minutes your heart rate starts to slow down and blood pressure returns to normal. The calm brain is more effective and productive than an agitated and angry one. This technique is also known as Hong Sau Method. Here we shift our focus from some unknown fear of the future to the present moment. It's a very effective method to calm your nerves.
Mindful Movements.
                                    You thought mindfulness needs to practice in sitting position. No it can be practiced while moving also. Many elite sports persons and their coaching staff are turning to mindful
movements to enhance their performance. For example renowned tennis player Novak Djokovic learned mindfulness so he can realize when he starts obsessing about the outcome of the match. This helped him to improve his game.
                                    Here are some suggestions for helping you to do any physical activity more mindfully.
                                    In the morning, take a few moments to stretch and breathe before getting up (or reaching for your phone). While walking pay attention to the experience of walking. Remember, mindfulness does not have to be done slowly. Focus on the surroundings while walking, the trees, roads, cars, etc. Likewise while driving pay attention to the road ahead maintain an awareness of what is behind you and how fast your car is going etc. Forget about the meeting ahead instead focus on the present moment. Observe the vehicles ahead, feel the steering wheel and the seat. This way you start enjoying the drive and the journey.
                                     Life is a journey that should be enjoyed every moment and every day. Instead we think about the past and future. That thinking makes us sad and anxious. No One knows what will happen tomorrow. Instead one should focus on the present moment.
                                 This will surely increase your happiness and productivity. it will improve your peak performance.
                                If you want to know more about how mindfulness can benefit you,  please leave your Email Address in the comment section.

   Author Dr. Nishikant Sharma MD FACP.
   He is a healthcare professional
   He believes in Preventive aspects of the diseases.
   He does regular Mindfulness practice.
   Follow us on Twitter @Nishant26718040

 References are taken from Following articles with Thanks:
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4 Excellent Ways to Boost Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

4 Excellent Ways to Boost Your Testosterone Levels 


                                Testosterone is an important male sex hormone. As a person's age increases its levels decrease. In the young age group, its levels may be low because of various reasons.
  • Decreased Libido,
  • Less Sexual Drive
  • Increased Tiredness and Weakness.
  • Infertility
  • Loss of hairs
  • Loss of Muscle Mass
  • Increase in Breast size in Males
  • Increase in Abdominal Fat
  • Decrease In Confidence & depression
                         In Males below the age of 30, the Testosterone hormones can decrease because of various causes. This can be debilitating and frustrating for them. With increasing age, the levels decrease. However, you need not worry. The good news is there are excellent natural ways to increase testosterone levels. In this article, I have described ways to increase testosterone levels naturally.
                         The normal range of Testosterone levels can be between 264 to 916 ng/dl. It peaks around the age of 20 years and then starts to decline.

Symptoms of low testosterone levels:

 Following  are the Causes of Low Testosterone Levels

  • Injury or Tumors of Testis
  • Cirrhosis of Liver Or Damage to Liver
  • Testis torsion Or Decrease in blood supply to the testis
  • Hemochromatosis or Excessive accumulation of Iron in Body
  • Fatty Liver
    Muscular Body
    Muscular body structure with six-packs.
  • Excess Beer and Alcohol Consumption
  • Obesity and Increase in Abdominal Girth
  • Diabetes

How can You Increase testosterone Levels Naturally?. Here are the 4 Simple and Easy ways;

  1. Eat food rich in proteins. A high amount of Fat in food decreases Testosterone levels. Food rich in protein causes an increase in testosterone levels. Eggs, Chicken breast, legumes, and soybeans are rich sources of Protein. Similarly banana is energy-rich and useful in increasing Testosterone levels. Tuna and Low-fat milk are also good to increase Testosterone levels. Vitamin D is necessary for testosterone production. You should try to get plenty of Sunshine so that your Vitamin D levels are maintained normal. Tuna is rich in Vitamin D which is linked to a longer life and testosterone production. Apart from tuna salmon and sardines are rich in Vitamin D and Proteins.
  1. Avoid beer and other alcoholic drinks. Excessive alcohol consumption increases the chances of Liver damage. In cirrhosis of liver Testosterone levels can decrease up to 90%. Alcohol consumption can lead to a loss of REM sleep which can lead to a decrease in nighttime testosterone levels. High fatty foods can also cause Fatty liver. Fatty liver is a leading cause of Liver Damage. Remember your abdominal girth levels are directly related to Testosterone levels. Greater the abdominal girth the lower will be the testosterone levels.
  1. Do Regular Exercises and physical activities. Exercise boosts testosterone levels. Certain types of exercise increase testosterone levels more than others. Exercise promotes muscle building. The more muscles you have more will be testosterone levels. Resistance training like weight lifting boosts testosterone levels. All types of exercises can increase testosterone levels. Walking or jogging for 30 to 40 minutes 4 to 5 times a week can do the trick.
  1. Reduce Stress. Stress increases cortisol levels. High cortisol levels can decrease testosterone levels. Low testosterone levels can increase stress and depression. This leads to a vicious cycle. Proper 8 hours of sleep is needed for good testosterone levels. Adrenaline, Cortisol, Noradrenaline are the 3 Stress hormones. Inadequate sleep reduces REM sleep and decreases Testosterone levels. Yoga and Mindfulness help in decreasing stress and increasing vitality.     
                                  Testosterone levels can be checked by a simple blood test. The use of external testosterone supplements may be needed if the levels are low. If testosterone levels are normal then there is no need to take external supplements. 
                                   If You have any queries regarding this subject feel free to contact us. You can drop your comments in the comment box and leave your comments. We will be glad to hear from you

Author Dr. Nishikant Sharma MD FACP
  Author: Dr. Nishikant Sharma  MD     FACP. 

                                   Consultant Internal Medicine Specialist with Special Interest in the field of Diabetes.
Dr Nishikant Sharma MD FACP
Dr Nishikant Sharma MD FACP
         He is also a student at Northwestern University Coursera.
        He is an advocate of Quality Healthcare for all at affordable prices.
        He wants to empower people with scientific knowledge so that they can face diseases successfully with confidence and a positive attitude. 
       Follow us on Twitter @Nishant26718040
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Covid 19 Pandemic & Diabetes : 3 Recommendations to keep You Healthy and Safe

COVID 19 Pandemic & Diabetes : 3 Recommendations to keep you Healthy and Safe

                              We are facing the worst worldwide epidemic in recent memory. What is puzzling is that many infected people have no symptoms while a few others are seriously ill. This includes people suffering from Diabetes. The people having Diabetes are having a more severe form of infection. 

                               Here are the 2 scholarly articles that I have found out for you regarding COVID 19 infection and Diabetes. It is followed by 3 Recommendations for your safe journey through these turbulent times.

                              The first article is from Dr. Sten Madsbad, Dept of Endocrinology, Hvidovre Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

                               The Ongoing COVID 19 infection is a double challenge for people with diabetes. Diabetes is a risk factor for the severity of the disease. Diabetes increases the chance of getting any infection. People who have uncontrolled blood sugar levels are at high risk of developing infection and its more severe form. During the lockdown conditions, people have to control blood sugar in a situation with decreased or more variable availability of food.

                              COVID 19 (Coronavirus Disease ) is caused by coronavirus SARS- CoV-2 organism. It has quickly spread to more than 160 countries across the globe. The mode of transmission is primarily by respiratory droplets between people. It is characterized by a wide variety of symptoms including fever, cough and breathing difficulties.


         The 2nd article is from Medical News Today published recently.

                                         More than 425 million people worldwide have diabetes. There are two types of diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2. Gestational diabetes is another type that affects some women during pregnancy.
                                        Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune type and usually present from childhood. It results in no or very little insulin production. These patients need Insulin to be given externally.
                                          The majority of people have type 2 diabetes and are on oral medicines. Many have Obesity and hypertension as well. Some of them may need Insulin as well.
                                          According to the Center for disease control and prevention (CDC) people with diabetes who develop COVID 19 are at a higher risk of developing a serious illness like Pneumonia.

                                 However, with good blood sugar control, people with diabetes can reduce the risk of getting severely sick from COVID-1                                                                                         Here are our 3 recommendations for COVID 19 and Diabetes.

  1. Control your Blood sugar properly. Check Your Blood Sugar and HbA1c levels. Maintain HbA1c levels around 6.5 to 7. Continue treatment as per your doctor's advice.
  2. Avoid Excessive Amounts of Carbohydrates and Sugar. You can increase protein intake. Similarly, Excessive salts and fried food items should be avoided. The intake of green leafy vegetables and salads should be increased.
  3. Continue Physical Exercises. During quarantine periods many people are unable to go outside for walks and outdoor exercises. Try to do some workouts at home to remain fit. You can do aerobics and yoga at home. Mindfulness can also help to reduce anxiety and stress during these turbulent times.

     Author: Dr. Nishikant Sharma  MD     FACP. Consultant Internal Medicine Specialist with Special Interest in the field of Diabetes.

       He is also a student at Northwestern University Coursera.

  He is an advocate of Quality Healthcare for all at affordable prices.

      He wants to empower people with scientific knowledge so that they can face diseases successfully with confidence and a positive attitude.

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How to Boost Your Happiness and Inner Strength through Contentment

                         How to Boost Your Happiness and Inner Strength Through Contentment?

                           What is Contentment? 

It is difficult to define the term.

                                                         Contentment is a happy state of mind. It is definitely not something euphoric. It is a peaceful state of mind. It is a state of peaceful satisfaction. Different people can give different definitions. This state is described in many religious texts including the Bible and Vedas.
                                                        We are in constant pursuit of happiness. Happiness seems to elude us. We think that when I will buy that BMW car I will be happy. I will be happy when I will have a bungalow or a big house or a yacht. I will not rest until I reach that goal. So in this constant search for elusive happiness, we are running. In the meantime, we are stressed out every day. This leads to what is popularly known as burnout.

                               Here a story that can explain what is Contentment.

                                                    A long long time ago there was a hard-working Stonecutter. He used to cut stones at the base of a big mountain. He used to live in a nearby village. He was a great believer in God. He had all good qualities like honesty and truthfulness. God always loves his devout children. One day when he was working he saw a King going from the nearby village. The king was wearing a beautiful thick golden robe and shining ornaments. He prayed to God. Oh God, I am your devout servant. I have to work so hard. Please make me the King for a few days. God loves his faithful children. God said ok I will make you a King.
                                                  He was very happy. It was summer and he was walking on the road. On a sunny afternoon, he started sweating. He looked up and said oh This Sun seems to be more powerful than a King. Why not become a Sun. He prayed to God. God oh great God Please turn me into Sun. God said ok. Your wish is granted. He became the Sun.
                                                 He was very happy for a few days. One day clouds came and no one could see the Sun. Oh, these clouds seem to be more powerful than I am. They can stop my rays from reaching the earth. I should become Clouds then. He prayed to God. God said ok I will grant you one more wish. He turned him into clouds
                                                 He was then floating in the air happily over the sea and land. Suddenly he was struck on the head. He could not move ahead. He opened his eyes and then saw a big mountain in front of him. He said this mountain seems to be stronger than I am. I should become a mountain then. He prayed to God. Oh, mighty God, you can do anything. Turn me into a big mountain. God said ok. God turned him into a big mountain.
A Mountain
                                                 When he became a mountain he was very happy. He thought now I am big and strong. In the afternoon he felt pain around his legs. Someone was cutting stones from the base of the mountain. He looked down and saw a Stonecutter cutting stones. Oh, he said this Stonecutter is stronger than a mountain. He can cut through a mountain! I should become a Stonecutter again.
                                               He fell on the feet of God and said Oh God please grant me one last wish. God said ok you were not happy when you were Stonecutter and now you want to become a stonecutter again? He said Yes. I was a fool running around. I have realized my mistake. I am happy in the way I was. Please make me a stonecutter. God said I grant you your last wish. He became a stonecutter again. He was finally very happy and contented.

                                                 This story tells us about contentment. We always like what others have. But we don't realize their problems. We spend our lives in a state of discontentment and unhappiness.
                                                  It is no wrong to dream big. It's also not wrong to work hard. But its important to remain healthy and happy also. It is equally important that one should not develop gastric ulcers, high blood pressure, addictions while chasing the dreams. If you are happy today then you can certainly be happy tomorrow. You should be able to enjoy your work. When you enjoy your work you tend to get better results. Your productivity goes up. Your energy level goes up. Don't let your work become an endless rat race. This will increase your blood pressure and stress levels. This leads to burnouts and sleepless nights.

                                                This leads us to the second quality of contentment. Its called Gratitude. When we are contented we feel grateful to all the people who work hard for us like Soldiers fighting for us on the borders or nurses caring for patients in the hospital. We should be thankful to all the people who work tirelessly for the community. Only a contented person can do that. A discontented person can only find faults in others. He will be unhappy eternally.

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How to Prevent Corona Virus Infection: 8 Essential Steps

                  How to Prevent Corona Virus Infection: Eight Essential Steps 

                          Now it is official. The new Coronavirus, COVID-19, is a pandemic. It is spreading to more and more countries. Northern Italy is in lockdown. More than 10,000 people are infected and 631 people have died. New cases have been detected in Uk, Germany, Austria, Japan, South Korea, and the United States. Globally more than 4200 people have died in this epidemic. As of today 31 deaths and more than 1000 cases have been reported in the US. The epidemic originated from Wuhan City In China in December 2019. However, the good news is that the number of new cases in China is decreasing.

                                China took some very harsh measures for the public good. Whole cities were walled off. Quarantine measures were strictly implemented. The results are now apparent. The number of new cases is decreasing in China.
                                However, other countries have shown some inertia in dealing with this crisis. Many countries have imposed travel bans late. The result is that the epidemic is spreading to the rest of the world. Many governments went into a state of denial initially like China. Early swift preventive actions can greatly help in the prevention of the spread of the disease.

                               Travel ban from China and especially from Wuhan has been implemented a little late. This has allowed the virus to spread across the world.

                               Corona Virus has spread from China to more countries. Coronavirus initially began in Wuhan city in China. Coronavirus is a zoonotic disease. Zoonotic diseases are infections that are transmitted from animals to human beings. These germs can be bacteria, viruses or parasites. Animal handlers can catch these infections due to proximity to them. Human to human transmission of these infections opens up the possibility of further spread of these infections. Sometimes it can take the form of an epidemic.

                                 It's not that the coronavirus is a new virus. Already four strains of coronavirus are present. These can cause illness ranging from the common cold to pneumonia. Many times its a mild respiratory infection that may even go unnoticed by many. (SARS_CoV)Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome spread from animals to humans in 2002-2003. Its reservoir is perhaps bats that spread to other animals like cats. First infected cases occurred in the Guangdong province of China in 2002.

                                An epidemic of SARS affected almost 26 countries. Mortality was high in cases who had (ARDS) Acute respiratory distress syndrome.

                               Symptoms are flu-like and include body pain, fever, headache, breathlessness, and cough. The most frequent symptom reported was fever though it may be absent in initial stages. In severe cases, respiratory distress is present which leads to a fall in blood oxygen levels(SpO2).                                            Approximately 8100 people got infected. The mortality rate was around 9%.

                                The new Coronavirus is hitting more people than other epidemics. Lethality rate is approximately 3.5%. The good news is that the mortality rate of this infection is lower than other similar infections. It also produces symptoms like cough, body aches, fever, and breathlessness.
Many infections are mild and recover quickly.

 How to Prevent Corona Virus Infection: Eight Essential Steps 

  1. Avoid traveling to crowded places like bus stations, airports, public meetings, etc. In short, restrict non-essential travel. Avoid going to malls, public gatherings, cinema theatres as much as possible. Many schools have been closed to prevent the spread of infection.
  1. Wash your hands after using public utilities like toilets etc. While using escalators avoid touching rails or wash your hand after the event. Washing hands frequently helps in prevention. You should avoid touching your mouth, face, and eyes by your hands.
  1. If you have a cough use a facemask. It will prevent the spread from person to person. The infection spreads by droplets.
  1. If traveling through a crowded train or bus one can use a facemask to avoid droplet infections. You can use an alcohol-based sanitizer to clean your hands.
  1. If you are having diabetes then you should control it properly. People with diabetes tend to catch infections early and the course of the disease is more severe. Similarly, people with immunodeficiencies should be extra careful.
  1. If you come in contact with a suspected case of coronavirus then you should wear gloves to touch the person. You can wear a disposable suit in such cases. The COVID Virus 19 is secreted in feces also. Hence washing hands with soap after toilet use is important.
  1. Drinking warm water may help in staying hydrated. Warm saline gargles can help in any upper respiratory infection. Betadine gargles may help if you have symptoms of sore throat. Please make certain that you are not allergic to the agent.
  1. Make sure you are not having nutritional deficiencies like Iron, Zinc Or Vitamin C.Decrease in body immunity can impair our immune system and cause a more severe form of illness. Regular exercises should be done. Exercises should be done in open spaces preferably and not in a crowded gym. Sunshine always helps as it increases Vit D levels in the body. 
                            Staying hydrated is very important. But just drinking water will not cure the disease. If you have any symptoms of the disease then get checked in the nearby medical center. Throat swabs can be taken in suspected cases for examination.X Ray Chest and CT Scan of Chest is useful to determine the extent of Lung Involvement.
                             Prevention is the key to arresting the spread of this infection. Hoping by united efforts we will be able to control this epidemic more effectively.
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Do You have Stress ? Do you want to reduce stress?

Do You Have Stress? Do You Want to reduce Stress?

A Busy Monday

Imagine you have to catch the suburban train. The train is scheduled to leave after 5 minutes. You are stuck in heavy traffic. 

You are surrounded by so many cars and trucks. Each one is honking at its best. 

The next train is after 45 minutes. If you reach late you are going to miss the train and reach the office late. Boss will be very angry. 

Consider another situation. You have to complete a project. You have to present it to the committee tomorrow.

You have completed 90% of work. In the evening the day before the presentation, you find your file is missing.

 These are some of the thousands of examples of different forms of stress that we face daily in our busy lives. 

Imagine the situation of a young athlete who has prepared for his sports event for the whole year. Just before the event, he sprains his ankle. 

How can he compete tomorrow?

His time and efforts will go in vain. We face thousands of such situations daily.

 End Result

It leads to anger frustrations and stress. The body responds by releasing chemical substances like adrenaline which can increase the heart rate and blood pressure. Chronic release of adrenaline can 
cause stress and hypertension over a period of time.

 It can also increase blood sugar levels. Depression and anxiety are other by-products.

  We do so many things in the hope of attaining a condition of rest, once you have done them. You think let me buy a big house and then I will be able to rest peacefully. 

You take a big loan from a bank by signing a mortgage deal. You say I will never rest till I get it in my name. Your EMI has started. This will go on for years. 

Maybe someday you will be able to accomplish your goals. By achieving your goals you will get rest and peace. 

In the unending pursuits of goals, we never do one thing and that is to enjoy today. Peace cannot be found outside ourselves. What passes for peace is a temporary pause in the battle of life. The new house that you have bought will be a prelude to new challenges and projects. Someday maybe you will be able to relax.

              We either live in the past thinking about our failures or in future planning new projects. We hardly live in the present tense. We regret about failed relationships and missed opportunities. Thinking about the future produces anxiety. What if I fail in exams or an interview . What will happen if I lose my job tomorrow. How will I repay loans? The end result is the same. Anxiety depression frustration and   High blood pressure.

 A hard-working guy can become the CEO of the company but becomes a heart patient in the process. Young successful handsome and hypertensive.

               Recent studies have shown the benefits of mindfulness. Why postpone joy and happiness. Enjoy the present moment. Mindfulness stills the mind. The mind is full of cross-currents of thoughts. Mindfulness brings in peace today. Stillness Speaks. Creative thoughts can occur only in a peaceful mind. 

                The prevalence of high blood pressure is increasing: enlarging the spectrum of available measures for its prevention and treatment could be useful.

                 Some data from medical literature suggests that mindfulness could play a role not only in the management of stress but also in blood pressure control and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

                 The mechanisms involved may be based on the modulation of the emotional reaction and biological response to stress, via the regulation of the autonomous nervous system.

                 This method is accessible to anyone who is interested and is not related to any religious belief. It’s simple easy and fun and above all very affordable. Medicines used for hypertension can have adverse events but this practice is devoid of any ill effects.

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